Partners Unlimited
"I needed saved my life!"

The Population Served

When asked, “How should we select WHO gets to participate?” We reply, give us those whom you believe are least likely to succeed!” For these are the people who probably need our programming the most.

partners Unlimited provides children, youth, and adults with creative arts programming in prevention, intervention and aftercare for those who are high risk of delinquency or criminal behavior. We have worked with individuals ranging from 11 to 73 years old. Each program is designed to meet the needs of each site.

  • Prisons
  • Detention Centers
  • Schools
  • Alternative Schools
  • After Care Centers
  • Clubs
  • Reentry Facilities
  • Transitionary Sites

Many participants have found the final presentation shared with the community and their peers to be the most meaningful element of the program. It allows everyone the opportunity to benefit even if they were unable to participate on a daily basis.