Partners Unlimited
"More inclusive than any other program I've seen."


partners Unlimited is only as strong as its partners! It is through partnership that we are able to reach the populations we serve, collaborate with local entities and connect and reconnect individuals to our communities.

A fortune cookie I once read said, "Society prepares the crime... the criminal commits it."

We have the ability to rewrite our future...our fortune to say, "Society prepares the creative potential within each of us to become productive and healthy people."

partners Unlimited develops partnerships with Iowa artists through statewide recruitment, selection and training and then contracts artists to provide long-term programming with partnering organizations. Local organizations that match well with partners programming have staff and groups of 10-15 participants [at-risk of delinquency or criminal behavior] and are available to meet on a consistent basis with a professional artist. Sites may include schools, alternative schools, detention facilities, after school programs or agencies, summer programs, prisons, aftercare facilities. For more information contact Kelly Boon at or 515/778-0692