Partners Unlimited
"More inclusive than any other program I've seen."

Past Events

New Shoes Blue Band

"I went to the grocery store with my mom and took my hat off while I played my harmonica... and people started putting coins in it! Can you make money doing this?" (student)

This group of 5th and 6th graders have been working with Blues artist, Freight Train Frank Strong and performing at schools, the capitol and Terrace Hill. They are creating original music and riffs to perform.


hope is Like a Dream to heaven, hope
hope is Like something that u wanted for a long time, hope
hope is Like something you Love or Like, hope
hope is a destiny to your favorite place that you think about, hope
hope is Like a force and Motion in your mind that you can't take, hope
hope is Like a the Dream girl that you think you can get with: hope
hope is Like a car sitting on 24s that you can't buy, hope
hope is Like Love that you feeling in your heart but you not with nobody, hope (PACE student...Deanton)

These young men at PACE have been challenged to stretch their imaginations and comfort zones through movement, poetry, visual art and rhythms. Their presentation will demonstrate these rhythms through Afro-Cuban percussion. They have been working with partners Unlimited artists; Gateway Dance Theatre, Kelly Boon, Thomas Burman II and Veola Perry.

Who We Are Instead

"I was a cold person, closed. Stuff started coming out . . . pouring out. I faced those people and faced myself." "This is the reason I come to school." "I'll do my best to be one in a million!" (Scavo students participating in the arts program) This group of young adults is creating an installation piece. They have expanded their creativity from poetry to photographs to fashion design to body impact performance. These students are extremely committed to their creations and the community they have established, in working with artist Kim Fitch and their teacher Greg Schmida.

WHO WE ARE INSTEAD funding source is Bankers Trust.


"I want to feel proud." "This is a school for kids that don't get it." (students from Bridges)

The Bridges program has just started working with their artist, Chaden Halfhill. They are working to create sculpture out of METAPHOR.

CONCREATORS funding sources are: Milagro Foundation and Meredith Corporation.