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pARTners Unlimited
Transforming lives through the creative arts!

seeking professional Iowa artists for long-term arts residencies working with high risk youths and adults
dance, theatre, music, literature, visual arts, photography, storytelling, video/film, cultural, multi-media and multi-disciplinary arts
October 12th/4-9 PM
October 14th/9-5 PM

Eligible Artists are required
to attend the Artist Retreat/TBA



Autumn Golf Event
Toad Valley Golf Course,
Mosaic Mural - Iowa Diversity Conference
Scheman Center Ames,
Celebration of the "Living Bridge"
Bridges Alternative School,
Volunteer Celebration
Terrace Hill,


"El Emociones"

Make a $25 donation to receive the CD "room 122" or the poetry book INKINC. Make a $45 donation to receive both. Please indicate your preference on the Paypal form.


"INK inc...we have the WRITE!"

PACE Juvenile Center Public Poetry Readings and Book Signings:

  • March 30, 2006 Thursday @ 7 PM, Plymouth Coffee Café on 42nd St & Ingersoll, DSM, IA; with special guest, Author/Poet James Autry
  • April 6, 2006 Thursday @ 7 PM PACE Juvenile Center on 10th & High Streets DSM, IA
  • April 10, 2006 Monday @ 7 PM Cup O' Kryptonite 4521 Fleur Drive, DSM, IA
  • April 18, 2006 Tuesday @ 7 PM Ritual Café 1301 Locust, DSM, IA

"ROOM 122"

Scavo Campus Acoustic Band
  • May 2nd, 2006 Tuesday @ 9 AM Risky Business Conference, Ames IA--will open the conference with a performance and provide a morning workshop
  • May 16, 2006 CD Release Party/Performance Gallery/TBA


Children and Family Urban Ministries Latin and Multi-Cultural Band

  • June 13, 2006 Tuesday @ 7 PM Place/TBA

partners Unlimited Picnic

All Youth Program Performance!

  • May 27, 2006 Saturday Place/TBA

Autumn Golf Event

Autumn Golf Event
10-12-05, Toad Valley Golf Course, Des Moines, Iowa USA

Become a fundraiser! If you would like to help transform lives through the creative arts through fundraising or as a sponsor, contact or 515-778-0692 before October 1st. Fundraisers raise $1,800 and will golf on Oct 12th, 2005. If you would like to sponsor, please make your donation through our automatic payment system (below) or send checks payable to partners Unlimited, Post Office Box 41141, Des Moines, IA 50311

Mosaic Mural Project - Iowa Diversity Conference

CONCREATORS... defining freedom's voice

Iowa Mosaic Mural Project
10-17-05, Scheman Building Ames, Iowa

Conference registration information

The Iowa Diversity Conference contracted partners Unlimited to conduct 23 eight hour projects across the state of Iowa. Each site volunteered their services to select a core group of mostly at risk youth and diverse members of the community to share their stories. Under the guidance of partners artists, they created imagery to represent their community -- focusing on the personal stories that make each community unique. Our goal was to strengthen communities through the arts and helping those who may feel marginalized to feel more connected. Each community is invited to share the unveiling of the mural and their stories during a workshop at the conference on Monday, October 17th. Not only has this established great venues for local and statewide conversations, it also opens the door for on-going programs throughout the State of Iowa in transforming lives through the creative arts!

Celebration of the "Living Bridge"

CONCREATORS... defining freedom's voice

Celebration of the "living bridge", Bridges Alternative School
10-26-05 @ 1-3 pm, 111 Porter Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa USA

The Grand Opening of Bridges Alternative school will celebrate with the unveiling of the "living bridge", created by the "CONCREATORS", Bridges students under the direction of partners Unlimited artist, Chaden Halfhill created this bridge as a functional link of past to future, symbolizing the path to change in defining freedom's voice . . . through the choices we make in life. The bridge is a "process" of growth. An invitation to others to contribute their dreams as they burn their messages onto the planks . . . thus feeding the "living bridge".

Terrace Hill Volunteer Recognition and Holiday Celebration

Holiday Volunteer Celebration
12-05-05, Terrace Hill, Des Moines, Iowa USA

Become a volunteer or a sponsor through supporting partners Unlimited programs and you will receive an invitation to our lovely, holiday event at Terrace Hill. Experience for yourself the heartfelt voices of youth from current programs as they share their excitement in self discovery at the Governor’s and 1st Lady’s festive mansion this holiday season.