Partners Unlimited
"Significantly reduces return rates to prison."

2006 Volunteer Awards

It's All About YOU! awards, offer a special thanks to our volunteers who contribute their time, talents and resources in supporting partners Unlimited through special events, board membership, board development and through program support.

Pinnacle Construction Shiela Hudson
The Underground Abby Hausmann
Qwest Michele Lydon
EMC National Life Randy McNeal
Company Sean Hubner
Ankeny Press Citizen John Tone
Robert Lydon and Family Sam Carrell
Angel Durham Steve Quirk
Bill Wedeking Travis Foltz
Rachel McClung Marsha Hines
Melinda Huisinga
Margaret Severino

Special thanks

Special thanks to our on-going support: (bottle of wine to each)

  • Angela Reed - Tarbell & Company accounting services
  • Alfredo Alvarez - Attorney Services
  • Rachel McClung - Graphic Design
  • Computer Color Graphics - Printing discounts

Star Behind the Curtain

Star Behind the Curtain recipients are honored for their above and beyond contributions to partners Unlimited in helping to sustain continued programming. These recipients are among our most valued partners in demonstrating courage and belief in the ability to transform lives through the creative arts. We are especially proud of these individuals as they stand alone in supporting a very innovative approach to providing a solution to delinquency and criminal behavior. Some have donated an abundance of in-kind support, continued program support and others have stretched their own comfort zones so that dreams and hope can be reachable.

  • Computer Color Graphics - donation of a color copier machine
  • Diane and Keith Krell
  • Thomas McBride
  • Jan Rowley

Both for their dedication to and promotion of partners Unlimited in helping to sustain the operational side of programming.

Our special award this year goes to two individuals.

Silver Pin Award

Silver Pin Award is given each year for outstanding contributions above and beyond. Individuals who receive this award are truly dedicated to serving. They are our heroes. Our first year, we honored Bill Kuhn, Sandy Seley and Kimberly Zarley. Last year we honored Scarlett Lunning Huey.

They are the ones who believe in possibility, dreams and hope when the odds are against us. They spend the extra dime, stay the extra hour drive the extra mile and BELIEVE in our kids, especially when they don't believe in themselves. Thank you for being our heroes. It is because of you that new heroes will fill your shoes. Thank you.

Sherry Borzo has been a board member for two years and has jumped in from the start; ready to suit up and show up! Her energy and belief in partners had been uplifting and focused on the average person "makin' it happen". And that's what partners is all about!

Chaden Halfhill has taken on the responsibility of Board Chair this year with the great task of helping the board and organization grow to a statewide level He has been instrumental in fundraising efforts and has made personal and professional contributions to pave the way for others to follow.