Partners Unlimited
"Significantly reduces return rates to prison."

Our Big Dream

partners Unlimited programs will be integrated into each judicial district in the state collaborating with school districts, community action groups and sites, local and state arts organizations, detention facilities, alternative judicial systems, prisons and aftercare sites.

Partnerships with state and local agencies will establish a network of service integrating arts programming into institutions serving youth and adults at risk of delinquency and criminal behavior.

Directors and staff will be appointed to run grass roots arts programming within these districts, attracting and employing local artists through long-term and on-going programs.

partners Unlimited will become a national and international model for transforming lives through the creative arts in working with all ages to prevent delinquency and criminal behavior. We will establish inclusively rich communities, through nurturing creative growth, relationships and life-long learning.

Dream Home

A re-vamped warehouse! This project will employ ex-offenders and work-release inmates to work along side a professional artist in re-creating the interior and exterior as a work of art; bringing innovative design and function through architecture, landscape architecture and art. The space will house residential lofts for visiting artists, a multi-disciplinary studio and performance arts space, loft/office/conference space, a gallery and library. The facility will be our international headquarters and operate as a central office for the state of Iowa. Ex-offenders will be among those hired to manage and implement programming. If you would like to donate an old warehouse or building, this dream home could be financed through the municipal bonding authority of the State of Iowa through the Iowa Finance Authority.