Partners Unlimited

Ottumwa Art Car Site

"Save the Earth"

Starting Minimum Bid $800 - to place bids, contact
(25% of the sale goes directly back to the youth site who created the Art Car and all sales support on-going programs in each city)

Ottumwa Teen Center, Ottumwa, Iowa


To provide teenagers in Ottumwa a safe, substance free, supervised environment.

Ottumwa Teen Center in Ottumwa, Iowa is working with professional artists in visual and performance art. Vocal artist Tina Haase Findlay and visual artist Quen Hummerhee are guiding the project. The youth determined theme for the Art Car is, "save the earth". The car, has already drawn International attention with a Canadian based company - Jeff Blakely who is the local representative with is donating their top of the line supplemental hydrogen generator to be used as the energy source for the Ottumwa art car!

This site is primarily funded by Principal Financial. Other major sponsors include; Liz Kruidenier, Pioneer Hi-Bred Int’l, Iowa Health System and the Greater Des Moines Community Foundation.

All five Art Cars and the partners Unlimited "promo art car" will be premiered at the Iowa State Fair Parade on Wednesday, August 8 @ 6 PM in downtown Des Moines near the State Capitol. Throughout the Iowa State Fair each car will be featured with morning performances from 9:30-11 AM at Expo Hill just beyond the Agricultural Building.

Join us Saturday, August 4 at 5:00 PM for the 360 Knoxville Nationals and Red Nose Night in celebration of Art Car and partners Unlimited. Several of the Art Cars will be premiered and promoted for the big Art Car Auction on Saturday, August 25th @ 5 PM at the Knoxville Championship Cup Series! All cars are available for pre-bidding on–line.

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