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Annual Report

FY2004 Year-End Report Summary

partners Unlimited provided direct services for 27 youth, and 4 staff during the fiscal year 2004. Eleven 5th and 6th grade boys participated in Native American programming in collaboration with Children and Family Urban Ministries (CFUM). Seven middle and high school aged boys participated in the PACE Juvenile Justice theatre program and 9 middle and high school aged boys participated in the Bridges @ Central Campus theatre program. These 3-programs were funded through the Polk County Fostering Male Involvement Initiative, Department of Human Services Pregnancy Prevention Grant. The groups presented original work to audiences in schools, conferences, community sites and festivals reaching over 900 youths and adults in central Iowa. The Sacred Child Project will continue to tour throughout the year.

The outcomes of these programs positively affect the entire community in which programs occur; changing institutional attitudes and building respect and stronger relationships with family and peers. These outcomes are not specifically addressed within partners' programs. It is through the creative process, self-worth increases and causes changed behaviors.

As a result of working with the boys, we heard the following responses; "When I'm a dad, I will treat my child like it's the most important thing in my life, protect it; give it what ever it needs." "I wish you (the artist) were here all of the timeā€¦it's the only time I don't feel angry and hate everybody." After observing three of the younger boys who presented the Sacred Child Project at their school assembly, it was startling to see how they had become leaders of their community. Carmen Lampe Zietler, Executive Director of CFUM said, "There are options and choices in life that leads to responsible decision making. That's what this program is about." She then quoted Marion Wright Edelman--Founder and President of the Children's Defense Fund...

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2004 Annual Report